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Admission Schedule for year 2019-20

The admissions for First Year of Aided B.A., B.Sc., B.Com. and Unaided  B.Sc.(IT), B.M.S., B.Com.(A&F) started as per the schedule given by University of Mumbai,

Required Documents:

1) Online Digital Mumbai University Form Printout

2) Online College form from

3) Original 12th Mark sheet along with 2 Xerox copy

4) 2 Xerox copy of 10th Mark sheet

5) 2 Xerox copy of Leaving Certificate

6) 2 Xerox copy of ADHAR card

7) 2 Xerox copy of Cast Certificate (Optional)

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Students are advised to go through the Eligibility rules carefully. Only those who are eligible to take admission should fill in the College admission form. Students should note that they are taking admissions on their own responsibility.


A student coming from another College affiliated to theUniversity of Mumbai is given provisional admission till the receipt of the Tansference Certificate from his previous College. The student must submit to the Principal of the College, an application in the prescribed form for such,transference Certificate along with the application for admission. His admission will NOT be final without the production of Transference Certificate and will be treated as cancelled in the event of his failure to produce the Transference Certificate before the end of term in which he seeks admission.


A student from any University, other than Mumbai is eligible for admission only after obtaining the Statement of provisional.Eligibility from the Registrar of the University of Mumbai.Admission will be given to a student on the strength of provisional Eligibility statement of his eligibility from the Registrar, University of Mumbai. Pursuant to a directive from the University (vide circular No.E/C. l84 dated the 9th April,1970) students who have obtained admission on the strength of the Provisional Statement of Eligibility will be required to submit the statement of marks passing, migration certificates to the College Office for forwarding the same to the University before the close of the first term.

There will be penalty of Rs.l/- per day till 30 days after the due date of the payment of fees.

A student failing to pay his fee (with penalty) within this period will be liable to have his name removed from the College Roll without notice.

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(1) Students who have passed the First Year Junior College (H. S. C. Std. XI) Annual Examination and who produce a certificate from the respective Institution within the Jurisdiction of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education and Youth Services Department Circular No. HSC - 1076 / 3784 - XXI date 1975 - 1976.

(2) Students who have passed XI Std. Examination in the new pattern of 10 Plus 2 Plus 3 adopted by different recoginsed, all India or State Bodies from any other State or Union Territory are eligible for Admission to the Second Year of Junior College. The Transfer Certificates of such students should however be countersigned by the Educational Inspectors or the equivalent authority of the District concerned in the State / Union Territory.

(3) Students who have passed the S. S. C. or equivalent examination (I.C.S.E. etc.) of any statutory or recognised Board in India will be admitted in accordance with instructions contained in the Government.

Circular Education Department No. HSC - 1075 - XX - XXl, dated 4th October, 1975. They are required to produce an eligibility certificate from the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education.

(4) Students who have passed the S. S. C. or equivalent examination will be admitted to Std. XI (F. Y J. C.)

Eligibility Certificate:

(1) The Students, seeking admission to the Junior College Classes and who have passed the Public Examination of the Statutory Board, Recognised Bodies and University outside the Maharashtra State will have to produce the Eligibility Certificate.

(2) Students who will be required to submit Eligibility Certificate shall apply in a prescribed form, to the Divisional Secretary, alongwith a Fee of Rs. 10/-.

(3) The Divisional Secretary shall issue Eligibility Certificate as per instruction given to him by the State Board.

GOVERNMENT OF MAHARASHTRA - Education and Youth Services Department
Circular No. HSC - 1075 - 1075 / 42272 - XX - XXI Dtd. : 19th Oct. 1976.

“The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education should issue a Final Eligibility Certificate in respect of cases in which the equivalence has already been decided. However, in respect of the cases in which the equivalence has not been decided, the Board should issue a provisional Eligibility Certificate and the Final Eligibility Certificate should be issued after getting the clearance of the case. The Board may charge a Fee of Rs. 10/- once only, at the time of issue of the Final Eligibility Certificate, as the case may be.”

Migration Certificate for Admission:

A Migration Certificate from any other Statutory Board Recognised Body or University conducting the Examination passed by the candidate shall have to be produced by candidate coming from other states and seeking admission to first / second year of a Junior College.

Reservation of Seats for Scheduled Castes, Nav Buddhists, etc.
50% seats are reserved for students belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Nav-Buddhists etc., provided they seek admission within a week from the date of declaration of the results of the Annual Examination. Thereafter their cases are considered on par with those or others.

Diploma in Pali :
Provisions for teaching Pali Students appearing for Diploma Course in Pali, recognised by the University of Mumbai, are made in this College. The Minimum qualification required for admission is S. S. C. or an equivalent examination. Admissions are in progress.

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